Key figures

Profile of portfolio businesses

  • 6,106 businesses
  • 75% of which are SMEs
  • 90% of which are based in France


Involved at all stages of a business’s life cycle

  • creation (19% of businesses financed)
  • development (57% of businesses financed)
  • buy-out (23% of businesses financed)


Involved in all business sectors

  • consumer goods, industry, services and transportation, and digital-IT each represent more than 15% of businesses invested in
  • 18% of businesses invested in are from the industrial sector, a greater weight than that of the industrial sector in French GDP.


Private equity financing

  • in 2015, €10.7bn invested in about 1,645 businesses, 78% of which were SMEs and 21% mid-cap companies.


Growth accelerator

  • revenue: +1.4% for 2014
  • employment: +2.6% for 2014 vs -0.4% for French commercial sectors
  • Overall, 314,000 jobs have been created by French private equity backed companies between 2010 and 2014 (net of jobs destruction), mainly in France, compared with - 123,200 jobs destroyed in the French commercial sectors for the same period.


Sustained performance

  • French PE market has been performing a net internal rate of return over 10 years of +10%.
  • Stock market indicators over the same period: +4.0% for the CAC 40 and +5.3% for the CAC All-Tradable (formerly the SBF 250).