LP Portal

For the most part, capital invested in small and midsized businesses comes from French and international LPs (banks, insurance companies, retirement funds…), for whom private equity firms act as intermediaries charged with placing the LPs’ funds in the real-world economy and making them grow.

With an 10% annual performance rate net of charges over a 10-year period at the end of 2015, French private equity offers one of the highest profit margins in the world and is one of the most profitable asset


“In choosing French private equity, LPs benefit from a return unequaled by other countries and other asset classes. It’s a very interesting placement for them.”

- Olivier Millet, Chairman of the France Invest (2016-2018)

The France Invest strives to develop and maintain strong relationships with French and international LPs through its specific work groups.

Investor Relations Commission

The France Invest’s Investor Relations Commission organizes an annual forum for French LPs, as well as a forum, held in English, for international LPs in order to present the advantages of the French private equity market  and respond to the LPs’ questions.

Since 2012, the France Invest has gone on international roadshows to meet with LPs all over the world. We have been able to visit economic centers in the following countries: Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Finland.

For more information concerning this commission, please contact Gérard Richer

g.richer@franceinvest.eu ӏ +33 1 47 20 85 78

LP Club

In 2015, the Investor Relations Commission created the LP Club, reserved for LPs, members or non members of the France Invest. This club allows investors in private equity to freely discuss the issues they encounter and share good practices with an aim to simplicity, transparency, and performance.

For more information concerning this club, please contact Thomas Stélandre

g.richer@franceinvest.eu ӏ +33 1 47 20 85 78