ESG Annual Report

For the fifth edition of its ESG Annual Report, France Invest is pleased with the record-breaking number of contributors, which gives substantial breadth and depth to this unique document in the private equity industry. Some 40% of the private equity firms members of France Invest responded to our survey on the Reporting 21 platform. This participation rate, double that of the previous edition, attests to the increased efforts by French private equity firms to incorporate extra-financial aspects in the unlisted company segment. Aware of its central role, France Invest formalised the ESG commitments of its asset management company members in its membership Charter back in 2014.

We would like to thank the members of the working group dedicated to the creation of the ESG annual report, for their commitment and their mobilization throughout the project: Candice Brenet (Ardian), Mohamed Abdesslam (Citizen Capital), Erwann le Ligné (Eurazeo PME), Anne-Laure Mougenot (Galiena Capital), Olivier Meline (LGT European Capital), Cornelia Gomez – leader of the working group (PAI Partners), et Sylvain Lambert (PwC).

We also want to thank the company Sirsa, Margot Varache, Françoise Aynié and Yannick Grandjean, who collected the information presented in this report, as well as the company Deloitte, Nicolas de Jenlis, Estelle Metz, Patrick Travaini, Thierry Puisieux, Marie-Pierre Refeuille and Laurence Berthel, for their support in the design, production and creation of this France Invest 2017 annual report.

>>  Download the 5th ESG Annual Report


 The 4th France Invest’s ESG report (year 2016) draws on previous reports published by the association and seeks to reflect the development of private equity (PE) firms’ ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) practices and the support for their portfolio companies. 

The number or the proportion of respondent companies or portfolio companies thus refers solely to companies having answered the indicator in question.



  • 61 PE HOUSES have filled in the ESG survey developed by the France Invest
  • 365,000 PEOPLE EMPLOYED by the participating PE houses
  • 50 billion EUROS TURNOVER for these portfolio companie

>> Download the 4th ESG Annual Report