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  • AFIC embraces a new identity and changes its name to France Invest

After 34 years promoting investment in the French economy, AFIC is embracing a new identity. As of today, AFIC is changing its name to France Invest. This reflects an ambition for the sector to truly live up to its development, modernity and economic clout.

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  • Decembre 20 : the 2016 growth and job creation figures for French companies backed by French private-equity firms

Over the seven years from 2010 to 2016, companies backed by French private equity have grown
much faster than the GDP of France and the OECD countries and created more than 300,000 net jobs

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  • October 12 : French private equity and venture capital report

€8.1bn In savings raised, to be mainly invested over the next 5 years in the French economy

€6.4bn Invested in the half-year in nearly 1,200 companies

Over 800 companies completed changes in their ownership structure

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  • June 28 : Performance of French private equity at end-2016

Overall performance: 10.1% net return per year since 1987 (30 years)

Double the stock market's performance

Continued gains in returns on venture capital

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  • March 28 : Acceleration in the growth of French private equity in 2016

€14.7 bn in funds raised, up 51% (45% raised from international savings) ; 

1,900 start-ups, SMEs received equity financing totaling €12.4 bn (+15%) to prepare for the future ; 

1,400 companies changed their ownership structure.

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  • October 12 : French private equity in the first half of 2016

France Invest members invested a total of €5.5 billion (+47% vs H1 2015) in more than 1,000 companies (+23%) at all stages of development ; 

The French private equity market strengthens its liquidity with a record number of exits (+9%),

and paves the way for future economic growth with a sharp increase in resources thanks to €6.2 billion in fundraising (+41%), of which half from abroad

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  • July 18 : Development of the French private equity market gets a new boost

France Invest welcomes the AMF’s decision to introduce the ‘premarketing’ concept. A move that enhances the competitiveness of the Parismarket place. 

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  • June 29 : Performance of French private equity at year-end 2015

10% net returns per year over 10 years, stable long-term profitability

Outperforms all other asset classes

Strong performance of buyout capital at 13.7%

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  • March 29:  French private equity activity in 2015

In 2015, the French private equity industry invested 10.7 billion euros in transformative businesses. This represents a 23% increase compared with 2014’s investments and an 8-year highpoint. 

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  • November 26: For the COP21, the France Invest’s Cleantech Club published a study to recap 5 years of cleantech investment. 2 key figures: More than 400 cleantech companies in French private equity portfolios with nearly 2 billion euros invested.

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