Missions, Actions & Objectives


  • Representation: the France Invest unites and represents all parts of the private equity industry with regard to its environment and more particularly the authorities, (government, administration, and the regulatory body (the AMF).

  • Monitoring: the France Invest ensures that its members apply the Code of Ethics approved by the AMF.

  • Economic analysis: the France Invest regularly publishes information about the economic situation and provides statistics and reference studies concerning the private equity industry. Its studies, information sheets, and analyses are designed for its governance and analytical bodies as well as its members, the authorities, investors, entrepreneurs, and the media. The France Invest also contributes to the data of international private equity not-for-profit organisations, and publishes supplimentary information and research upon request.

  • Legal and fiscal watch: the France Invest tracks developments in the legal and fiscal framework in which the profession operates and reports them to its members.

  • Training: the Académie France Invest, our approved training organisation, has a comprehensive range of courses covering private equity, M&A, finance and law intended for France Invest members and non-members alike. We welcome over 1,000 trainees every year for 150 sessions. All the courses are eligible for DIF (Individual Right to Training) financing.

  • Promotion: the France Invest organises various events designed to unite the profession.


France Invest members must respect the Code of Ethics approved by the AMF.
Independent of the Board of Directors, the Ethics Committee is the body called upon to adjudicate any failure to respect the Code of Ethics by a member when so requested by any party (member or non-member). Sanctions can go as far as excluding a member. Furthermore, the France Invest strives to contribute to the improvement of the governance of companies. In 2008, the France Invest put into place a Charter for Capital Investors, signed by over 200 of its members. The Charter places the good governance of portfolio companies at the centre of shareholders’ concerns. Eager to ensure the responsible conduct of its members in the transactions they undertake, the France Invest has moreover favoured the development and circulation of new recommendations:


The France Invest published the Private Equity White Paper called, “Renforçons nos PME-ETI” (Reinforcing our SMEs and Mid-Sized Companies) in April 2012, setting out ten proposals it considers essential for the development of growth and employment in SMEs and mid-sized companies in France.