Discover the values of France Invest attached to its role as representative of the private equity profession in France.

France Invest: the commitment of responsible finance


Commitment at France Invest means anticipating, understanding and responding to the needs and expectations of the members of the Association and its ecosystem. It also means mobilising experience and skills, deciding and acting to promote the development of private equity. It means converging positive energies to obtain concrete and achievable results for the benefit of its community.


Trust capital is a fundamental factor in the private equity industry, the activity of men and women as intermediaries between savings managers and entrepreneurs. It is fundamental at France Invest where integrity, transparency and credibility are reflected on a daily basis by precision, proximity, sincerity and respect in exchanges.


As a representative of the community of private equity professionals active in France, France Invest acts with a keen sense of responsibility. It is based on a long-term vision for the development of the sector that provides it with reliability, solidity and consistency in the subjects it supports. It promotes good practices, requires its members to adhere to a charter, brings together discussions and carries out actions in favour of responsible investment for sustainable growth.


France Invest brings together a wide variety of member profiles. From specialist or general private equity companies, which are aimed at start-ups, SMEs or mid-caps to advisory companies that support them, accounting professionals, lawyers, advisers, etc. France Invest is committed to covering the diversity of the topics that drive them and to creating a context conducive to achieving both specific and common objectives.