Legislation & Taxation Commission

Legislation & Taxation Commission

Improving the legal & fiscal framework


The Legislation and Taxation Commission, open exclusively to France Invest members, covers all areas of law and taxation, both at national and European level, in connection with private equity


As such, it conducts analysis of texts, responds to public consultations and intervenes on current regulatory issues.
The Commission also has a role in monitoring, informing and alerting on legal and tax developments that may impact the profession.

The Commission also acts as a force for proposals. If the Commission’s members identify a difficulty in applying a legal or tax text, it may have to propose changes or adjustments to this text.

The presentations made during the morning meetings and the documents prepared by the thematic workshops are exclusively reserved for France Invest members, with the exception of legal or tax guides and notebooks.


To carry out this work, the Legislation and Taxation Committee relies on a Legal Committee and a Tax Committee.

  • The Legal Committee is composed of 18 members equally between active and associate members.
  • The Tax Committee is composed of 12 members equally between active and associate members.

The two committees meet once a month and prepare the topics and points that will be discussed during the topical morning meetings of the Legislation and Taxation Commission.

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