LP Club

LP Club

Institutional investors in unlisted equity


History and objectives

In 2015, the Investor Relations Committee encouraged the creation of the “LP Club” reserved for institutional investors who may or may not be members of France Invest. In an increasingly complex fund market environment with an increasingly diversified offering, evolving asset management companies and more burdensome regulatory constraints, LPs face multiple challenges, including:

  • Building an investment strategy for a twofold financial and non-financial objective
  • Choosing a mode of engagement
  • Choosing funds
  • Assessing the portfolios of created funds

The LP Club offers its members a place to discuss these topics, share their experience and best practices and share common topics.



Olivia Yedikardachian (Caisse des Dépôts), Chairwoman of the LP Club


The LP Club is tasked with welcoming LPs representing different investor profiles, such as insurers, mutual insurers, pension funds, family offices and funds of funds, enabling them to meet regularly to:

  • Develop each person’s network
  • Discuss the challenges related to investing in unlisted funds
  • Report issues encountered
  • Share information and best practices
  • Learn about the market and its trends
  • Invite well-known personalities


  • Attractiveness of the French Private Equity and Venture Capital, key figures (2019)


  • Participation in the IPEM, Cannes, 28-30 January 2019

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