French private equity activity in 2019

French private equity activity in 2019

Strong growth in French private equity in 2019

  • More than €20 billion raised (€20.9 billion, up 12% on 2018)
  • €19.3 billion invested (up 31% on 2018) in 2,300 start-ups, SMEs and mid-caps
  • More than 1,400 companies divested, in whole or in part

France Invest (Association of Investors for Growth) and Grant Thornton are pleased to present the 32nd edition of their report on the French private equity market for 2019.


With 91% of respondents out of the 283 members of France Invest surveyed, this study is the benchmark for monitoring over a long period the trends in French private equity, a contributor to the growth of start-ups, SMEs and mid-caps.


Dominique Gaillard, Chairman of France Invest: “The key indicators in the French private equity market rose in 2019, for the 4th year straight. Funds raised exceeded the €20 billion mark for the first time. Invested capital increased by a third in just a year. The momentum fuelled by French Tech partly explains the growth in the number of companies financed. Overall, in 2019, the French market raised €40.7 billion across all segments (equity and private debt financing for companies and infrastructure), representing a 13% increase on 2018.

As the first half of 2020 draws to a close, the magnitude of the Covid-19 fall-out for economic activity and future fundraising is as yet unclear. In such unprecedented circumstances, private equity companies bring stability to the companies in which they invest. They have the financial resources to support business, seize growth opportunities and speed up the transformation of business models undermined by the crisis.”