Private equity activity

Private equity activity

The study on the activity of private debt funds is carried out in partnership between France Invest and Deloitte.

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French private debt fund activity in 2017

Methodology of the study on private debt fund activity

The activity study on French private debt funds carried out by France Invest and Deloitte was published for the first time in 2018. It covers the activity of the members of France Invest’s Private Debt Commission created in 2016. This Commission brings together members representing most of the private debt investment players located in France. For companies and equity investors, private debt is an alternative and complementary financing solution to bank debt. The study is part of the Alternative Lender Deal Tracker developed by Deloitte. ALDT is a database that covers private debt activity in Europe. France Invest has joined forces with Deloitte’s expertise to carry out this study. It provides a unique overview of the amounts raised by French private debt funds, the amounts invested in France and the number of companies that use this financing solution.

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