Africa Club

Africa Club

Developping private equity in Africa



France Invest’s Africa Club has French and African members. Created in 2015, it aims to bring together the ecosystems of French and African private equity in order to promote backing for the development of African companies of all sizes through equity. Its purpose is to help companies already backed by French private equity to strengthen their African activities.




Luc Rigouzzo
(Amethis), Chairman of the Africa Club




Hervé Schricke (Sofia Fides), Honorary Chairman of the Africa Club and former Chairman of France Invest (Juin 2010-Juin 2012)

The Africa Club’s missions:

  • Promoting the asset class to French and European fund managers as well as institutional and family investors
  • Facilitating exchanges with African players
  • Building and strengthening relationships with industry representatives across the continent
  • Facilitating access to the African continent both to France Invest members and to their portfolio companies through better knowledge of the stakeholders

The Africa Club’s activities:

  • Establishment of five working groups: African private equity observatory, Fund structuring and investment, Start-ups and entrepreneurship ecosystem, Human capital and skills, and Compliance
  • Content production: Guide for French/European companies developing in Africa; white paper update; quarterly newsletter; activity report
  • Activities in cooperation with the national associations AMIC (Morocco), ATIC (Tunisia), Asic, A2IC, etc. and regional associations (Avca)
  • Participation in partnerships with marketplace or more specific events in France and Africa: Public authorities, MEDEF, companies, institutional investors, etc.

Africa Club Membership

Open to professional players in the French and European private equity ecosystem, fund managers, investors and institutional investors and service providers involved in Africa, whether or not they are members of France Invest.

The members are co-opted by two members of the Club and must adhere to the Club charter, requiring in particular compliance with the ethical rules applicable within France Invest. They may propose contributions or themes of general interest and sponsor Club events or publications.

  • France Invest & non-African members: €150 per person
  • Non-members of France Invest: €250
  • France Invest corporate members: €1,000 + (no limit on employee representatives)
  • Club sympathisers & friends: Free

This concerns players in the Franco-European-African ecosystem based on the African continent; they can be registered as such upon simple request of sponsorship from a Club member, free of charge.
They receive periodic communications from the Club, as well as invitations to networking events and the marketplace conference (fee charged).


  • White paper on private equity in Africa
  • Anti-corruption compliance manual
  • Guide for French/European companies developing in Africa
  • Newsletters for 2017, 2018, 2019 (January, April, July, October)

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