Financing and supporting

Businesses and infrastructure at every stage

Growing start-ups, SMEs/ISEs and infrastructure

Innovating, scaling up, conquering new territories: an enterprise’s needs change depending on its growth stage. At each stage, France Invest’s members offer concrete, tailored solutions that go beyond mere financial support.

They support start-ups, SMEs and ISEs to help them grow and make them more sustainable and robust. By supporting businesses in their projects, these professionals promote innovation and constitute genuine drivers of growth.

Support tailored to each business

Manage the energy transition successfully, expand one’s commercial network, transform one’s production facilities, recruit talent, digitise one’s processes, buy a company to supplement one’s know-how or territorial development, organise a business transfer, conquer the international market… there are many ways for businesses to grow. They reflect the diversity of the start-ups, SMEs and ISEs that make up the French economic fabric.

Financial solutions

France Invest’s members provide businesses with the financial support they need to grow and implement their development or transformation projects. Whether it is strengthening equity through capital investment, financing infrastructure projects or financing via private debt, the solutions offered are tailored precisely and specifically to each business’s situation. Members are professional shareholders who commit themselves alongside business owners for an average of 5 to 7 years to help them reach milestones and set their businesses firmly on the path to sustainable growth.

In addition to financing solutions, the members of France Invest provide business leaders with personal guidance and a structuring mode of governance. 

And personal guidance

The company broadens its know-how and experience. Access to a rich and diverse ecosystem also enables it to grow its network, both in France and internationally, and to broaden its perspectives. It can then manage its growth sustainably and transform itself. With complete confidence. With our assistance whenever necessary.