Sustainable investment, a major challenge

Committing to a just transition and sustainable growth, vital for business performance.

A new frame of reference for growth

Carbon footprint, diversity and inclusion, parity, alignment of interests… Aware of their influence on the transformation of the businesses they finance, more and more management companies are fully incorporating ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) issues into their investment decisions and support.

Acting for a just transition

France Invest supports its members in their transformation towards a sustainable business model and provides an ambitious dynamic for private equity.

The first private equity association to become a Network Supporter of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI),  France Invest publishes a report on sustainable development every year.

Responsible management, promoted by France Invest since the adoption in 2008 of the Investors for Growth Commitment Charter, is set to increase over the next decade. In 2020, one third of France Invest’s members were PRI signatories. By 2030, France Invest’s aim is for 100% of its members to be signatories and for 100% of management companies to have carbon neutrality objectives for their holdings.

Emergence of ESG criteria and regulatory framework

The regulatory framework for non-financial evaluation will become one of the most important influencing factors of the coming years across all regions of the world. The European discussions on taxonomy and CSRD are examples of this, and France Invest is particularly attentive and active in this regard. In addition, France Invest intends for each investment decision taken by its members to formally incorporate ESG issues. It promotes the systematic monitoring of material ESG issues and ESG reporting in respect of investments. These issues represent an opportunity for concrete changes to be proposed and implemented in connection with the support provided by the funds. Sustainable finance is tangible: in the transformation of companies

To go further

The Investors for Growth Commitment Charter

Since 2008, fund management companies that are members of France Invest have been invited to sign this charter. By signing it, they undertake to invest in companies and projects that are “better” in economic, social, environmental and governance terms.

The 10th ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) Conference

Sustainable Development Report

The report “2010-2030: Acting for sustainable growth” takes stock of the actions undertaken by French private equity over the last ten years in terms of ESG (Environment – Social – Governance) issues and details its objectives for the timeline of 2030.

The International Climate Initiative

In 2015, out of a desire to take account of greenhouse gas emissions in their investments, France Invest member companies launched the International Climate Initiative. In 2018, this group joined the global initiative “Principles for Responsible Investment” supported by the UN.

The Cleantech Barometer

This is the half-yearly barometer of the fundraising from financial investors that is provided to companies of the clean technology sector. Prepared with GreenUnivers and EY, this study also makes it possible to measure – in quantitative and qualitative terms – the evolution and orientation of French Cleantech companies by sector and by investment stage.

The Sustainable Finance Observatory

The Sustainable Finance Observatory, of which France Invest is a founding member, collects the data that banks, insurers, and management and finance companies have undertaken to publish to demonstrate their transition towards more sustainable finance.

The France Invest Impact Charter

The Biodiversity Guide

The best practice guide for private debt sustainability-linked financing