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Support for growth projects

Private equity is an undeniable growth lever for entrepreneurs, start-up managers, SMEs and ISEs who wish to be guided in their development.

In addition to financial assistance, the human dimension is an essential part of the support provided by the members of France Invest, because every business has its own history and specific characteristics, and every entrepreneurial success is above all a successful adventure at the human level.

Recourse to an investor can be necessary at several major stages in the life of a company: at the time of its creation, for an expansion project, for a major investment… Depending on each company’s maturity and project, the members of France Invest offer tailor-made solutions to help them grow through a relationship of trust and personalised advice.

Infrastructure projects and private debt

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France Invest’s members, private equity professionals, also support infrastructure projects and offer private debt solutions.

Taking off

An innovative project generally needs financing to develop. Thus, at the launch of a company and at the research and development stage, seed capital will finance the company’s start-up and, for example, make it possible to market a start-up’s first product.

In these early stages of development, venture capital is also a means of ensuring the production and marketing of a product for businesses with high growth potential.

Reaching a new level

Launching a new product, conquering new markets, entering a new acquisition phase… These are all opportune moments to seek the support of investors.

Businesses with good growth prospects that have reached a significant size and have already made profits are often supported by development capital. The members of France Invest who make this equity investment are instrumental in developing the internal and external growth of the companies they support, with the aim of increasing their production capacity and sales force.


Without a successor to take over the business at an advanced maturity stage, the manager will rely on a management buyout (MBO) to facilitate the transfer of the business and to obtain support with the operation.

For businesses to develop and benefit from support that is adapted to their needs, the players may be different, but the core business of private equity remains: assisting managers so that their development and growth projects become reality.


When a business is in a major crisis or financial difficulty, finding support can be complicated. The financial and legal expertise required in such situations can be an additional hurdle to be overcome.

The players in the turnaround capital industry have already enabled many businesses to emerge from this situation and make a fresh start by adjusting capital and human resources.


À chaque étape de la vie des entreprises, les membres de France Invest proposent des outils de financement

Pour financer votre projet, nos adhérents proposent…

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Capital injection

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Equipment financing or investment in equipment

We offer various products to finance your project

Financing of intangibles or investment in intangible assets

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Financing of special situations

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Transfer financing

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