The France Invest Association

At the heart of the economy

Who are we?

We represent our members, the link between invested savings and businesses.

France Invest is a professional organisation bringing together nearly 400 French management companies and some 180 consulting firms.

France Invest resolutely promotes their work in supporting unlisted companies and their central role in a vibrant economy. France Invest’s members enable institutional and private investors to support developing businesses or to finance infrastructure that improves the lives of French people.

As a forum for discussion, reflection and the promotion of best practices within the financial ecosystem, France Invest especially supports the initiatives of its members and those of the businesses they assist in favour of job creation and the transition to more sustainable and fairer growth.

The voice of private equity, infrastructure and private debt

France Invest’s work focusses on:

  • The valuation of our core businesses and their economic usefulness
  • The promotion of the private equity business model
    • France Invest shares and promotes good practices in the sector beyond its ecosystem (participation in round tables, media action, etc.)
    • France Invest monitors the legislative and regulatory framework of the sector and lobbies public authorities
  • Training for actors of the unlisted investment sector

A bridge between savings and the economy

Our members finance and support businesses at every stage of their growth, from start-ups to ISEs, including all types of SMEs and in all regions

Financing solutions for all unlisted companies and their projects

  • Capital investment: from venture capital to development capital
  • Financing of infrastructure
  • Debt financing

To meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs

  • Innovation
  • Energy transition
  • External growth
  • International development
  • Transfer

In addition to financing, the members of France Invest offer businesses support and access to a rich and diverse ecosystem.

Professional shareholders, committed side by side with entrepreneurs

They provide institutional and individual investors with high and stable returns on their investments thanks to their ability to select projects and businesses with growth potential and the guidance they provide over several years. For individual investors, the private equity business model provides high returns over the long term, in line with their asset diversification needs.

For institutional investors

Private equity players offer alternative risk/return combinations to capital markets.

For individual investors

The excess savings of individuals can be invested over the long term in businesses that need to strengthen their equity capital. For investors, it represents a diversification investment, over a long period, which provides both stable and efficient returns and above all, meaning: supporting businesses and the economy.

Our vision

Business innovation is a driving force in the transformation of French society. But it is not the only one. That is why France Invest encourages its members to support projects that embody the idea of sustainability. Sustainability in the broadest sense of the word, encompassing all non-financial performance criteria (ESG).

Parity, respect for the environment, decarbonisation, working conditions and sharing value with employees are not constraints. They are the drivers of sustainable growth. Better still, France Invest promotes activities with a positive societal impact. Those that can generate a just and healthy transition.

These notions are not contradictory, because being sustainable means being profitable, and being profitable means being sustainable. Over 5 to 7 years, the average investment period, the funds have time to guide and transform the companies.

Manifesto 2022 – 2027

The players in our profession intend to make an even greater commitment to business, the economy and society.

In its Manifesto 2022 – 2027, the association defends its vision and objectives for responsible private equity, a player in the financing of innovation and the transformation of French companies, and a driving force in the transition to a just and sustainable economy.

Our missions

Promoting investment in unlisted companies

Our profession assists businesses at all stages of their growth and transforms them into key elements of regional prosperity, well beyond the provision of equity or financing.

We are committed to demonstrating the common long-term interest of this form of financing and support: jobs, influence of the regions and of France, economic growth.

Representing and leading a community of investors

France Invest brings together a community of professionals and experts in private equity, infrastructure and private debt. Together with its members, and through its actions, best practices and ethical rules, the association helps to boost growth and innovation.

Supporting the social and environmental responsibility of investments

We invite our members to encourage a positive societal impact within their own companies, and in the portfolio companies they support, so that these companies commit to making progress on non-financial ESG criteria, including decarbonisation, diversity, parity and value sharing.

Democratising business investment

Opening up investment in businesses and the real economy to as many people as possible means the creation of a vibrant, winning economy that benefits everyone: investors and businesses. We are actively working to extend access to this asset class, which is so close to the local economy and gives meaning to investment.